Debra Mayah

Acupuncturist and Holistic Health Practitioner, Debra specializes in strengthening chronic immune deficiencies, digestive health, and overcoming pain and fatigue. She utilizes an integrative combination of modalities to help bring the entire body back into balance.  She received her training right here in Santa Cruz by some of the nation’s leaders in Integrative Health.  Through overcoming her own complex health challenges, Debra has accumulated a wealth of experience and information that she considers a gift to share.

Meridian Source Wellness Therapeutics Sessions involve aligning the spine and redirecting and balancing the flow of Qi through the body and nervous system.

Clients can choose to experience, learn, and integrate a variety of therapies into their sessions including: Meridian Point Holds, Floatation Integration, Detoxification, Meditations, Movement therapy, Structural Alignment, Neural Reprogramming Practices, EFT, Trauma Release.

She is also available for Nutritional and Wellness Counseling.

60 minutes- $80


Tuesday/ Thursday/ Saturday/ Sunday: 10am - 8pm

*By appointment only, 24 hour notice required. Last appointment available is at 7pm. Please call 831-431-7669 to book.