Going Deep

Whenever I sit down to write about floating I can never quite find the right words to describe it. I've often heard people describe a good float and they use the phrase "going deep." It seems like a fairly accurate phrase and yet I'm not sure what it means. It could mean a successful self analysis. It could mean you were somewhere between dreaming and meditation. Maybe you saw lights. Maybe you heard frogs ribbiting as you imagined yourself floating under stars. 

Somehow every float is different and "going deep" is a different journey every time. Maybe "going deep" means; I was able to lose myself, even if only for a half hour, I was able to let go of my little storm of dramas. 

Letting go manifests itself in different ways. One's brain often has a peculiar way of explaining itself. Sometimes it makes obvious sense, sometimes it is utterly nonsensical. Dreaming and going deep are similar in that way. 

When the music begins and the light dimly appears, my eyes adjust, i sit up slowly, and i reach for the door handle still trying to contemplate what just happened. I'm smiling to myself. Whatever it is it's going to last all day.