Guest Post: "Accessing my float outside of the tank"

Member Chris Corona contributes his thoughts, "as fresh as they come," after a session. Thanks Chris!

Upon entering the tank, calmness overcomes my senses. The light dims, and darkness removes my sight. I can feel my heartbeat loud. See my thoughts. Thought projects as if it were only a movie. I let my thoughts flow. Then they vanish and I am truly there...being. 

When the music starts playing again, I reach for the walls of the tank as if they were the shores of reality. The light turns on but I am left with an empty mind. And I am still being. 

I enter the world, thoughts flood in. I know the space I've discovered in the tank is accessible even outside of the tank. So I access that space and be.


Mirror Lake, Yosemite

Mirror Lake, Yosemite