Glorious members of our float community, it is with great satisfaction that we announce a couple of exciting changes here at the spa! As a response to some of the feedback we’ve received over these last 11 months, we have switched to an entirely new booking system and restructured our pricing. We believe both of these changes will better suit you and anyone you might wish to share the benefits of floating with.

Membership is still month-to-month with no cancellation fees/ Unused credits roll over every month and never expire/ Automatic enrollment in our referral program/ Share credits with anyone/ 10% discount on select services & merchandise.

Here are the exclusive prices for our first 50 members:


New OG Member Pricing.png


Notice that we’ve kept the original $50, 90 minute “Grand Opening Special” for those who wish to maintain their original membership, in addition the new discounted options. It’s important to mention that while our pricing structure has changed, the amount you’ll be paying per float as a member will not increase; depending on which membership option you choose, our price points are equal to or lower than what you’ve already been paying.  

To follow the structure change, we’ve converted your existing float minutes into “60 minute float credits” within our new system. In the likely event that there is a remainder of less than 60 minutes in your account, we'll round up, giving you an extra float! If for whatever reason you want to convert your existing minutes  to “90 minute float credits” or some combination of the two (or you’d like to have some Sauna credits), just let us know and we can easily adjust your account. Fun fact: more than 80% of you first 50 tend toward hour long floats.


Here’s what we need from you:


  • Click the button below, enter your current email to reset your password and access your new account


  • Get in touch with us to confirm a new membership option


  • Let us know if you’d like to convert your float credits differently (or add in Sauna credits) 


Use our Contact Us page, or give us a call at 831-295-7312


We  hope these new changes will only make the practice of floating easier for you, and we’re excited to continue improving however we can to better serve and grow this float community.

THANK YOU ALL.  We’re so grateful for all of the support you’ve shown thus far.


See you soon!