"Really loved the experience. I'm so glad i finally tried it." - Ali W.


"Slow down... it's OK. I promise." - R. H.


"That went by too quickly. I could have stayed in the tank for hours!" - Anonymous


"The 1st thought i had: 'There's no way i can last an hour in here,' and then the lights and music came on..." - Frank W.


"Amazing Amazing! Suspended in magic. Total loss of time & space." - Anonymous


"This must be what babies experience before being born!" - Chris B.


"Hoy nací de nuevo!" - Edgar


"Was able to move my arm for the first time with no pain in years. Acupuncture then float! Very relaxed right now." - Luis O.


"I traveled to another world! It absolutely was what i needed to visualize before my triathlon tomorrow. Mind-blowing!" - Jennalee D.


"I went from looking up from the floor of the ocean to soaring through the stars at light speed." - Anonymous


"Probably have never been this relaxed." - Anonymous


"Where was I??"- JRM


"Clock + compass evaporated..." - ATS


"Peace of mind was achieved." - Anonymous


"So grateful for the hearts and hands that have created these opportunities for personal healing and advancement. This is sacred work." - ML


"I AM (Not this body). Thank you for helping me to feel beyond it." - Anonymous


"The world was one...eyes opened or eyes closed." - Anonymous


"Beautiful connection with self and baby. Blessed Blissed." - Sage S.